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Beauty and the Budget
Posted by 1 year ago.

Everyone wants their home to look nice! But sometimes budgets come in the way of making visions a reality. Here are some ways to help make it happen without exceeding your budget.

1. Neutral colors are the way to go!

Neutral colors create a sophisticated look, and allow for an easier makeover later on if you decide to change things up.

2. Invest on the big things

Spend money on the bigger things that will be worth it to complete the look you are going for. Examples are: sofas, dining room table, chairs, bed headboard, and etc. 

3. Simple is more 

Give the more important things in the room an opportunity to shine! Dont fill it up with usless items, let the room be functional and beautiful.

4. Layering is your friend

Sometimes buying and setting up furniture as is does not complete the look. To complete the look add layers. Some examples are: books or candles on top of the coffee table, cozy blankets laying on the sofa, crown molding, and etc.

Small tips to get a sophisticated look while staying in budget!

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